Drug Research

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Hillside Veterinary Clinic has started a new branch--the Research Center of Dallas--to perform clinical drug trials exclusively for animal pharmaceuticals. This medical research will generate safety and efficacy data that will allow for the developments of new medications approved for animals. Your pet can be a part of this process, and in most trials the diagnostic testing is at no cost to you (i.e. exam, lab work, radiographs, and the trial medication).

Call Cathy at 214-824-0397 Monday-Friday, 7 am - 3 pm for more information.

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Check back for updates on current trials and help us make a brighter future for our pets.


Current Trials

Osteoarthritis Study-Dog

Have a senior canine patient? Could your senior pet have arthritis?

Hillside is offering enrollment in a simple 2-month study for a supplement aimed at improving pain in patients with osteoarthrosis.

Physical examinations, lameness scoring and product offered at no cost to you. $50.00 incentive upon completion

Study open for enrollement through May 2019

Allergy Study for Dogs
  • This will be a 28-day study with 4 office visits.
  • Dogs 12 months of age or older.
  • Dogs must weigh between 6.5lbs - 120lbs 
  • Dogs must be on monthly flea control
  • Other restrictions apply-call for more details.

Tiger (Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats)
Evaluating a new treatment for the management of weight loss in cats with chronic kidney disease (CKD)
  • Cats may be eligible if they have CKD, have unintentionally lost weight, and are on a stable diet.
  • If your cat is enrolled, all study expenses will be covered.
  • You may receive clinic credit in exchange for your time.
  • Study open for enrollment through May 2019

Chronic Kidney Disease in Dogs
  • Dogs must be 3 years or older.
  • Dogs must weigh 8 lbs or more.
  • This will be a 3-8 month study and will require office visits every 2 weeks.
  • Other exclusions may apply-call if interested.

 Bravo Study (Diabetes in Cats)

Calling all diabetic or potential diabetic cats to be screened for this veterinary clinical study.                

A nationwide clinical study is underway to evaluate a potential new oral drug that could provide an alternative treatment for diabetes mellitus in cats.

 About the study

Hillside Veterinary Clinic has joined veterinary investigators across the United States who are studying an investigational medication for potential use as an alternative treatment of diabetes in cats. Most cats diagnosed with this disease require daily insulin injections, but this potential new medication is given orally.


If your cat has been diagnosed with diabetes, you may consider having your pet screened for this study.  If your cat has clinical signs suspicious of diabetes (drinking excessively, urinating excessively, & weight loss despite a normal or even increased appetite), then you also may consider having your pet screened for this study.  If your cat qualifies for participation, it can receive veterinary care for study-related expenses while participating in this study at no additional cost.  Additionally, you may help us investigate a potential new oral treatment for this serious condition.


Go to www.DiabetesCatStudy.com for more detailed information on the study.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us for an appointment.


Cats must be cooperative for all procedures.

New Dog Flu/Kennel Cough Vaccine Study! 
  • This will be for a bi-valent canine influenza/bordetella combination.
  • It will require 2 visits 3 weeks apart. 
  • Dogs must be 8 weeks of age or older.
  • Females cannot be pregnant or lactating.

Please contact Cathy at 214-824-0937 for more information, to enroll your pet for any of the upcoming studies, or to be placed on a waiting list now!