Career Opportunities

Hillside Veterinary Clinic--awarded D Magazine's "Best Veterinary Clinic" as well as Dallas Voice Reader’s Choice--is open 24/7 and does not charge additional emergency fees. Hillside Veterinary Clinic's team consists of over 25 veterinarians and 100 team members, which includes our internal medicine specialists, dermatologist, clinical pathologist and residency trained surgeon that practice at Dallas Veterinary Specialists located on Hillside's second floor. Hillside Partners also have seven practices located in the Dallas area: Abrams Forest Veterinary Clinic, Preston Royal Animal Clinic, Canyon Creek Animal Clinic, Prestonwood Pet Clinic, Rowlett Veterinary Clinic, Liberty Grove Animal Hospital and Town East Animal Hospital.

We are adding specialists and veterinarians to our practices.

Dallas Veterinary Specialists is seeking the following board-certified specialists to join our team; Internist, Cardiologist, Criticalist, Neurologist, Dermatologist, and a Surgeon. 

Dallas Veterinary Specialists is unique in that it is housed with Hillside Veterinary Clinic, a 24-hour general and emergency hybrid practice. Dallas Veterinary Specialist Internists enjoy a large referral case load both internally from Hillside Veterinary Clinic, our 7 satellite clinics, and from area veterinarians.

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Hillside Veterinary Clinic is looking for veterinarians with an interest in…
Veterinarians for our relief team ($500 per shift)
Veterinarian with a special interest in surgery
Veterinarians with a special interest in emergency for evening and overnight shifts.

Hillside Veterinary Clinic’s satellite practices--Rowlett Veterianry Clinic would like to add associate veterinarians to their team! Click on the links below to learn more about each practice.

Hillside Veterinary Clinic is also looking to partner with a veterinarian who is wanting to buy a practice. Hillside and its satellite practices are owned by 15 practicing veterinarians. Contact us if you wish to become a practice owner, no practice is too large.

To learn more about our veterinarian career opportunities contact our Hospital Administrator, Renee Humphries,

or our Managing Partner/DVM Recruiter, Dr. Ryan Jacques:


Our Mentorship Program

2019 has been an exciting year for Hillside Veterinary Clinic and our satellite clinics!  We added 12 new graduate veterinarians from veterinary schools around the country to our team.  To help in their transition into private practice we developed a full scale mentoring program that all our new veterinarians went through.  Our new innovative mentoring program proved to be a success!

Hillside Veterinary Clinic is open 24/7 and has an average of 250 patients presented daily with cases varying in general wellness, internal medicine, emergency medicine and surgery.  Our 25 general practitioners at Hillside work hand in hand with our specialty clinic located on the second floor of Hillside.  Dallas Veterinary Specialists has two Internal Medicine Specialists, a Dermatologist, a Residency Trained Surgeon and a Clinical Pathologist that accepts referral as well and provide consultation with all of our veterinarians and clinics. 

Ensuring our new graduates also receive helpful support was the newest change to our group, and we achieved this by adding a full scale mentoring program in 2019. To provide valuable mentorship we had all of our new graduate veterinarians go through a 4 week mentored period at Hillside regardless of which clinic was going to be their home clinic.  During this mentorship period, our new graduate veterinarians were split into groups and rotated between 3 of our senior practitioners as their mentors for 4 weeks. They rotated through different departments to manage wellness and emergency cases, care for ICU patients as well as rotating through a mentored surgery rotation. Our mentors: Dr. Christine New, Emergency Care Director; Dr. Ryan Jacques, Managing Partner and Dr. Dickson Bain, Founder of Hillside Veterinary Clinic were removed from their normal schedules of seeing appointments to focus directly on supporting our new graduates during the mentorship program. During this time frame, new graduates saw one appointment per hour. They were given time to work up their cases and then would present all cases and plans to their designated mentor. Together, they were able to discuss diagnostic tests and treatment plans and have a better grasp on how to educate and talk with clients along the way.

We have developed a surgery training program at Town East Animal Hospital.  There they perform 12-20 spay and neuter surgeries a day for the local shelter along with other surgeries like cystotomies, pyometras, foreign body surgeries etc.  All of our new graduate veterinarians spent a day a week there practicing their surgery skills with spays, neuters, cystotomies, etc.,  while being directly mentored by a senior veterinarian.  Our new graduate veterinarians performed 50 or more surgeries during their initial 4 weeks, each became more confident with their surgical skills. This opportunity continued past the 4 week mentorship period to continue to develop skill and confidence in surgery for our new veterinarians. 

Having a large variety of cases, surgeries and specialists at our finger tips made our mentoring program very exciting and educational.  We have seen our new veterinarians grow and develop past expectations and they are doing very well in their home clinics.  Feedback from new graduate veterinarians was astounding! Our veterinarians are becoming confident and prepared to provide top quality care to their clients and patients.

In 2020 we would like to add more veterinarians to our ever growing practices. Interested in joining our team? Contact Dr. Ryan Jacques by email,