Our Payment Policy

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Care Credit and Scratch Pay. Sorry, we do not accept personal checks. Credit Card payments can be made online. Client ID number is required for all online payments. Click here to make your payment: Pay Online


A $450 prepayment is required and a “Care Consent Authorization Form” completed to assist us with treatment of your pet’s medical needs.


Prior to admitting your pet into the hospital, a prepayment is required based on the treatment plan provided by the veterinarian. If the invoice exceeds the initial treatment plan during your pet’s stay, an additional prepayment may be required.

Our hospital technician will provide financial update daily to avoid financial uncertainty.

Emergency Surgery

Prior to emergency surgery, a prepayment is required based on the treatment plan provided by the veterinarian.

Pet Insurance

We feel that pet insurance is a great addition to your pet’s health and wellness. Pet insurance relieves some of the stress and burden of your pet’s medical bills. There are numerous companies that offer pet insurance plans, so it’s best to do your research on the different companies and plans that are available for you and your pet. A great resource for this is the Pet Insurance University, they offer a breakdown of different companies and their respective plans.

After your visit at Hillside, we are happy to help you submit your claim to your pet insurance company as seamlessly as possible to try and help expedite your reimbursement from your pet insurance company. We will send all medical records as soon as they are finalized as well as a copy of your invoice at your request. Unlike human health insurance, pet health insurance reimbursement may only be received after a claim is submitted on your pet’s behalf. Therefore, even if your pet is insured, and in accordance with our Payment Policy, payment is required at time of services.

Veterinary hospitals do not “accept” insurance policies like human hospitals. Pet insurance policies are between the insuring company and the pet owners. For this reason, we do not accept direct payment from pet insurance companies, nor do we negotiate with pet insurance companies for our fees or services. We will happily speak with your insurance company in regards to a preapproval/preauthorization for a procedure or hospitalization, but this should be done prior to any work being done to your pet to ensure that you get reimbursed appropriately from your insurance company. We will not alter any medical records for pet insurance purposes for any reason.

Care Credit Scratch Pay