Hillside Veterinary Clinic is very excited to announce the founding of our very own veterinary blood bank. Canine and feline blood products (both packed red cells and plasma) are valuable tools in the treatment of our critically ill patients and are used frequently to help save the lives of many patients. It can be essential in treating pets with auto-immune diseases, bleeding disorders, and trauma.


We are looking to enroll donor pets so that we can maintain blood products (both packed red blood cells and plasma) at all times to help save the lives of hundreds of sick pets. The process will work similarly to human blood donations. 


Criteria for enrollment for our canine donors will be:

  • Must be between the ages of 1-7 years old
  • Over 60 lbs
  • In good health
  • Easy to handle with a good temperament while at the clinic


Criteria for enrollment for our feline donors:

  • Between 1-9 years hold
  • Over 9 lbs
  • In good health
  • Easy to handle with a good temperament while at the clinic


Process for determining if your pet can be a blood donor:


Potential donors will come in for a complimentary physical evaluation. If the potential donor appears healthy, they will have blood drawn to determine blood type. Providing that the potential donor is an appropriate blood type (DEA 1.1 neg or DEA 4 in dogs, or A or B in cats) that fills ours blood bank needs, then a complete blood cell count, chemistry, heart worm test (in dogs), and screening looking for many infectious diseases that can be transmitted by blood will be performed. After the blood screening is passed, pets will be enrolled in the blood donor program. All lab work is complementary as well.


Blood donors will need to come in every 8 weeks for a blood collection. This will be a scheduled appointment which will require you to drop off your pet. Although the donation process generally takes about 30 minutes, the drop off will allow us to monitor your pet for a short period after their donation. In compensation for the donor and their family’s time, blood donors will receive their annual exam, annual blood work, monthly heartworm, flea/tick prevention, and annual core vaccines for free.


Should your pet be enrolled in our donor program, they will receive a brief examination prior to each donation. A small area will be shaved on their neck over the jugular vein and aseptically prepped. A blood collection set will be used to directly collect blood into a blood bag where it will be mixed with an anticoagulant (to prevent clotting). Once an appropriate, predetermined amount of blood has been collected, the collection set will be removed from your pet and pressure will be applied to the venipuncture site to restore hemostasis. Typically, only light oral sedation (will be provided at no cost) is required for the blood collection in dogs, and light to moderate sedation (again, at no cost to you) is typically needed in cats. Normal activity can be resumed immediately, although they may be a bit tired the rest of the day from the sedation. 


Please call us at 214-824-0397 if you have any questions or are interested in signing up.