Hillside Veterinary Clinic is now offering Pathology Services provided by Jonathan Bagwell, DVM, DACVP, Board Certified Clinical Pathologist

bagwellDr. Bagwell was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he graduated from Holland Hall High School. From there, he earned a BS in zoology at the University of Oklahoma and DVM from Oklahoma State University. After graduating veterinary school, he completed a residency in veterinary clinical pathology at Oklahoma State University, and became a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists in 2018.





Services offered: call for pricing

Cytology per site

Multiple lymph nodes

Fluid analysis (abdominal, thoracic, pericardial, cystic, or joint fluid for up to two joints - please submit in a purple top tube)

Cerebrospinal fluid (please submit in a purple top tube – unable to perform microprotein – cell counts and cytology only)

Urinalysis complete (dipstick and urine sediment review – please send urine in red top tube)

Culture and sensitivity on submitted fluid or urine – Aerobic and anaerobic (please send additional sample in a red top tube for culture)

CBC with blood film review (send lavender top tube of blood)

Blood film review only (please send lavender top tube and premade blood films along with your in clinic analyzer print out)

Dermatophyte culture monitoring

Courier pick up available:
Monday-Friday-Call for pick up by 11am. Pick up time may vary depending on location.