Drug Research

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Hillside Veterinary Clinic has started a new branch--the Research Center of Dallas--to perform clinical drug trials exclusively for animal pharmaceuticals. This medical research will generate safety and efficacy data that will allow for the developments of new medications approved for animals. Your pet can be a part of this process, and in most trials the diagnostic testing is at no cost to you (i.e. exam, lab work, radiographs, and the trial medication).

Call Cathy at 214-824-0397 ext 502 Monday-Friday, 6 am - 2 pm for more information.

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Check back for updates on current trials and help us make a brighter future for our pets.


Current Trials

 Feline Flea Study
  • This is a 105 day study and requires 5 office visits. 
  • Cats must be 6mths of age or older, weigh more than 2.2lbs, and be stable. 
  • At least one cat in household must have at least 5 fleas. (Households with up to 5 cats, can have no more than 5 dogs as well.) 
  • Cats may not have been treated with topical heartworm prevention/flea control within 90 days, Seresto collar is a 30 day washout.

Feline Study for Chronic Kidney Disease

Does your cat have early signs if kidney disease?

 Our clinic is conducting a clinical trial evaluation a product to help improve quality of life for cats suffering from CKD. Qualifying cats will receive free examinations, blood work/urine evaluations, and supplements for participating in the study. If you are interested in participating in the study please click on the link below and enter your information to be contacted. All participants must come into our office for examination and be able to take the study-related treatments. 

 Click here for more information

Canine Atopic Dermatitis Clinical Trial

We are participating in a clinical trial for a potential new, once-daily medicine for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in dogs. We are now enrolling dogs that meet eligibility requirements, including some restrictions on recent medications and therapies.  Dogs, at least 12 months of age, diagnosed with atopic dermatitis may be eligible to participate.  The study will last approximately 4 months, and will require a minimum of 6 study visits for follow-up evaluations.  Costs for all visits and associated veterinary care will be covered by the study.

For more information: www.petclinicaltrial.com

Canine Flea Study

All dogs are susceptible to bites from fleas or ticks, which can carry infection and disease. Our goal is to stop infection and infestation before it starts. We are currently enrolling dogs in a clinical study to investigate a potential new preventative treatment for ticks and fleas. If your dog is eligible to enroll, they will receive free treatment and you may also be compensated! 

For more study information visit https://www.clinicalstudiesforpets.com/study/canine-flea-tick-study

Canine Pruritus Study

Does your dog have allergies? We are currently seeking canine friends with allergic dermatitis to participate in a clinical study. Please call Cathy for more information or to see if your pet may qualify.

Feline Rabies Vaccine Trial
  • $150 owner incentive (applied to your Hillside Account) per patient entered in the study
  • Unlimited number of patients can be entered into the study
  • Single visit with one sinlge vaccination administration. 
  • You must fulfill all study requirements included maintaining your owner diary for two weeks after the study visit and vaccine administration.
  • This vaccine does NOT satisfy your pet's legal rabies vaccine requirement as it is an unapproved product

Feline Diabetes Study

Does your cat have diabetes?

We are proud to be partnering with Scout Bio in their clinical study of a new treatment for the management of feline diabetes mellitus.

Your cat may be eligible for this FDA regulated, free, cutting edge diabetes treatment study. Contact us for more information about the enrollment qualifications.

Canine Oral Bordetella/Influenza Vaccine Trial-*Coming Soon*
  • Dog must be 7 weeks or older
  • In good health
  • $50 owner incentive (applied to your Hillside Account)

Canine Healthspan Study

Now seeking participants for an observational (no drug) study investigating the biology behind how our best friends age. 

Participants will receive a free vet visit, health assessment, and gift box.

If your dog is....

  • less than 25lbs or more than 50lbs
  • between 2-5 years or more than 7 years old & has an accurate year of birth.

For more information: www.loyalfordogs.com

Coming in July-Heartworm Study

We are looking for dogs to join our latest Heartworm Study. Participants if accepted will receive a free exam, study heartworm prevention, and periodic bloodwork. 


*Dog must be at least 8 weeks or older
*Dog must weigh at least 3.3lbs or more
*Dog must have a negative heartworm test at first visit
*Dog must be in general good health

Please contact Cathy at 214-824-0397 ext 502 for more information, to enroll your pet for any of the upcoming studies, or to be placed on a waiting list now!